London property boom forces first-time buyers to breaking point — the best cities for cheap homes that you can sell on at a profit
London’s house prices are running away from the rest of the UK, and it seems first-time buyers have had enough. Demand in other cities is quietly ticking up. Property hunters will get the best deal for 20 years by quitting London for the regions, the Hometrack cities house price index has revealed. For the price of just one average house in London, you can buy four houses in Glasgow, three in Manchester and two in Bristol.
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Properties overlooking top golf courses are worth more than double similar houses nearby
Estate agent has found that properties at Royal Birkdale in Lancashire cost on average over £1 million, 437 percent more than similar-sized nearby homes not overlooking the golf course. The cost of an average home near the Old Course, St Andrews is more than double the average property prices in the wider KY16 postcode of £308,895, at £715,886, while people wanting to live near Muirfield in East Lothian have to pay 170 percent more than elsewhere in the local area.
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Demand rises for properties that can house more than one generation
Michael Cox and Aimee Norwood, married baby boomers, sold their home and were about to sign a contract for a newly built house in Virginia when their lives took an unexpected turn. “My stepfather’s health declined quickly and he passed away while we were deciding on a home,” Cox says. “We realized that my mother would be ready to downsize and that we wanted her to be closer to us.”
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Labour told TPP property provision here to stayThe newly-signed agreement prohibits current and future governments from blocking foreign investment in most forms of property by citizens of signatory states. This clashes with Labour Party policy, which is that people from overseas should be allowed to buy property only if they plan to live here permanently, or build a new house rather than buy an old one. The party has promised legislative change if it assumes office. At present, foreigners can buy any property in New Zealand unless it is sensitive land or some other category that comes under the control of the Overseas Investment Office. The TPP would cement this open-door policy for property buyers from signatory nations.
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Wellington mansion Balgownie House back on the property market .

One of the Hutt Valley’s grandest homes is back on the market.
Sale agents have put a rough value estiamte for Balgownie House at 16 Hamerton St, Naenae, at a cool $1.5 million. The more than 110-year-old Victorian-era mansion features 11 bedrooms, two kitchens, and a formal dining room built from native timber. Balgownie hit headlines in 2013 when a High Court judge stepped in to remove a caveat that property developer Vanessa Mapp placed against the land title to try to thwart a mortgagee sale. Wellington property investor Matthew Ryan bought the mansion with the intention of restoring it, in line with the Historic Places Trust, which lists it as a category two historic building. The 452sqm home sits on a 5464sqm section, and also comes with two cottages and a chapel.
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